Monday, October 13, 2008

Rusty Pickle Class 2

So the second class is The "E" Book Class - Sunday 10/26/08 at Noon. Cost is $45.00.

Rusty Pickle Is Coming To Town!!!

Rusty pickle is coming to town and is going to teach 2 classes at the shop!!! Class one is the "Way Cool Pop Star" Album. Saturday 10/25/08 at 7pm-10pm. Cost is $50.00. Here are some pictures - this class is designed with their Pop Star Line which gives you all the creative license to color in the papers how ever you want.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Page Kits

New here at the shop are our new page kits - easy to use and a way to get pages done fast. More designs are on their way. We also have new custom mini books available - stop in to see....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Delta Phi Scrappa "Party" Day

Saturday to start out our 4th Anniversary week
we hosted the Delta Phi Scrappa Ultimate Shop Day!!
What a great time - this group is amazing & toms of fun!!
For information on events and the who-what-where
please visit
We made custom t-shirts, black-pink-white flower pins,
shopped, gave away prizs & had the chocolate fountain running(YUM)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Window Pane Class

So I have had a lot of requests to
post photos of the window pane class
that is coming up in August so here
they are. The 6 pane one is made with
an antique window the rest are done
with new windows. Antique window vary
in style and size as we are limited to
what I have on hand, if you want to have
an antique window there is a $20 upgrade
charge. If you have questions feel
free to contact the store. Cheers!!

Page Contest Winner

The Winner of Our July Contest
is Corinna Fosmo
The Theme was WATER
The winner receives a $20 Gift Card.
Customers who shop in the store during
the contest time votes and the page with the most votes win!!!
Next months theme is PET
entries are due by August 20th

Monday, July 7, 2008

Remember Why you scrapbook

Do you remember why you started to scrapbook? Was it to save your children's photos? a hobby choice? you love to create? Are you a photo lover? Well I was reminded last week...... I

had a client come in and ask me if I would be willing to help her save a scrapbook. I of course said yes. She shred with me a huge book that was falling apart before my eyes. This client is in her 90's and the scrapbook was full of all of the "love" letters that her husband had written to her during his time in World War 2....... WOW Those of you who know me know that the opportunity to restore an album would be a treat!!! The best part of it is why she wanted to have this done..... So that her children, grand children and great grandchildren could have these letters and parts of history for ever..... I almost cried. And let me tell you that people do not write letters like this anymore - if they even write them at all.

So this was my WOW - this is why I scrap my photos so that some day my great grandchildren can see what life was like in 2006. I took photos of the album to share with all of you.

The Hat box photos was another antique project.... I had the pleasure of restoring an old hat box for a special client. Enjoy